High Contrast


Subtle Color + Bold Stripes + Statement Earrings = Flyness 

I believe in mixing and matching items - from unique vintage finds to modern classics; trendy fast fashion to high end/forward pieces.


Thigh Highs are in this season... as the 90's have made a come-back as per the usual fashion cycle; but for me, they never left. I love the 90's in almost every aspect, but especially with respect to fashion. Certain trends from the 90's are classic and timeless, and I love keeping them alive via my personal style.


Style is not about brands or labels, it's about how you approach controlling the way you show up in the world. Much like music, It's about how you arrange each piece to get just the right composition.



These wing earrings were my grandmother's, and they are my favorite! I used to play dress up in her costume jewelry from multiple decades as a child, and now I get to revive them in modern way.

Striped Sweater - J Brand

Mini Skirt - Forever 21

Knee High Boots - JustFab

Clutch Purse - Urban Expressions

Charm Bracelet - Chanel No. 5

Wing Earrings - Inobe’s Personal Vintage Jewelry Collection

Inobe Nicole