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More About Inobe...


My Philosophy:

Eat good, look good, feel good.

Passionate about style, fashion, culinary arts, health & wellness; I have strategically integrated all of my passions into one brand; promoting a well balanced & fulfilling lifestyle from the inside out.



Creating Jewelry and Adornments has always been a strong suit for me.

Many years of tinkering with a multitude of materials and styles, has given way to the strong point of view displayed in my jewelry line “Prismatik by Inobe Nicole”

Each collection is designed for the fashion forward, and spiritually conscious individual. Among the most visually striking jewelry lines on the market, Prismatik Jewelry is entwined in a multitude of meanings, design elements and ingenuity. Inspired by sacred geometry, futurism and architecture; each piece is based on the 3^6 Equilateral triangle tessellation, evoking Prismatik’s infinite design possibilities.





My style is eclectic, mixing high fashion, unique vintage finds with trendy fast fashion;

showing that true style is not determined by the labels you wear, but how you curate them through your own personal lens. This is more than just a blog to me, it's a visual log of my fashion evolution, hope you enjoy the journey!

Inobe’s Fashion + Style Philosophy -

“Fashion is a form of expression, style is your daily mission statement”




With over 20 years of cooking experience, I am passionate about shifting the paradigm around leading a healthy lifestyle,

specifically with respect to Vegan/Vegetarianism in under-served areas  that are considered 'food-deserts' where healthy options are scarce. 


Training to be a certified Health Coach - I seek to help guide our community toward a more holistic, healing, and plant based diet & lifestyle; all while demonstrating how fun, flavorful and fulfilling vegan food can be!