One of my favorite things about styling is the ability to mix things that wouldn't otherwise be paired together in one ensemble.  The eclectic fashionista in me LIVES to challenge and even merge trends, shifting our perspective on what's possible within fashion and style.  


This bomber jacket is a men's joint from True Religion, and makes for the perfect third peice; adding a bit of androgyny to this look. 

My bra top from SHEIN is one of my favorites because it can be dressed up like this, or actually worn for a work out. I love the zipper closure at the center front - it makes it really easy to wear and adds more detail and texture.

_MG_1832 copy.jpg

I made this skirt a few years ago and it will forever be a classic. Pencil skirts have been the perfect mix of elegance and sexiness since the New Look debuted in the late 1940's (Thanks Christian Dior!) The side split is just hight enough to show off the double white stripe on one leg which is my fave detail in this look.

Black and white with this pop of sea-foam green, which happens to be my favorite color, makes me so happy - giving seasonal transition vibes, ushering spring right in.

I'm really into leggings under dresses and skirts right now....That is all. <3 

_MG_1770 copy.jpg

I randomly copped these iridescent, reflective shades in San Diego out of desperation to shield my eyes from the sun, and they turned out to be some of my flyest shades. Designer unknown, holla if you know.

Of course I had to adorn myself in pieces from my new collection for Prismatik by Inobe Nicole! The more encrusted in jewels I am, the more regal and royal I feel. Here we have the new Polyhedron Choker layered atop my new Chest Plate Harness which is untitled at the moment, but looks incredible as a layering piece. Both will be available in the Jewelry store soon! 

Bomber Jacket Jacket - True Religion them here: @truereligion

Bra Top & Leggings - SHEIN

Pencil Skirt - Original Design by Inobe Nicole

Polyhedron Choker and Harness - Prismatik by Inobe Nicole 

Shades - Unknown

PHOTOGRAPHY BY: CURTIS J MOORE  - see more of his work here.

Make Up by Inobe Nicole