When you know who you are, not one else can define you...

Knowledge and understanding of one’s self and heritage is so powerful; while self determination is essential to standing in that power. 

My ancestors have inhabited the Americas since time in immemorial, making us, their descendants, aboriginal to this land.

Many of my people have been led to believe they were transported to the America’s from Africa, but those of us who look outside what we've ben taught, as well as listening to, and learning from our grandmothers know something different. 


This look not only pays homage to my aboriginal ancestors but depicts them as royal, divine beings; changing the narrative and shifting the paradigm with respect to how my people see themselves.

This is why I appreciate the apparel brand A4truth - doing what has never been done before: showing our people who they really are via current styles featuring ancestral perspectives of life & living. Images are powerful and influential... therefore when executed effectively, lasting and impactful impressions are made; paradigms are shifted and awakening truly begins. 





The crop top features Inti & Quilla, the Incan Emperor and Empress of the Sun and Moon; representing divine balance of masculine and feminine - coupled with the American Royalty leggings featuring Empress "Mama Quilla" or Mother Moon, protector of all mothers and children, makes a powerful statement for any woman who wears them. Mama Quilla is the shining example of motherhood, femininity and and the standard of perfection in the female form. Not only that, but the quality of the print and fabric make you feel like divine royalty. Shop these and other styles depicting the original American people here:



I love versatility, especially in a garment. As the world changes, our daily actions evolve, and so do our needs and values with respect to the things we buy and how we use them. I predict that soon we will buy less, and expect more from the things we do purchase or acquire.


Convertible and multi-use/multi functional styles will become increasingly popular and necessary. You’ll never guess where I got this fabulous convertible jacket which is actually a 3-in-1 piece. Each component can be worn separately or together. The bottom can be a separate skirt with a two way exposed zipper, for fly styling; and If I was out in nature I could lay it out like a blanket to rest and bask in the sun. The top is a cropped bomber jacket; all together it makes for a fly bomber-trench with orange lining flashing a bright pop of color. It’s truly a fun piece to wear!

It’s been overcast and chilly in LA lately making this look the perfect spring ensamble in which to strut about the city.

American Royalty Crop Top & Leggings -

Convertible Bomber Trench - Designer Unknown

Boots - Shoe Dazzle -

Dream Catcher Chocker - Prismatik by Inobe Nicole 

Shades - Gold Soul LA

Mesh Body Suit - Q

PHOTOGRAPHY BY: CURTIS J MOORE  - see more of his work here.

Make Up by Inobe Nicole