Having such eclectic style opens everything up for more fun with a variety of odd juxtapositions.

I’m obsessed with the concept of vintage futurism: The idea that you can have vintage elements juxtaposed with futuristic ultra modern elements is so fascinating and intriguing for me...

INOBE_NIKKRICH-detail 4.jpg

For example: I am completely enthralled with the 1920s-30’s; from architecture to fashion, to cars, to jewelry.

The intricacies of the designs with the elaborate and impeccable detail that goes into all the a fore mentioned, are absolutely stunning to me. Art-Deco as a movement and design style has had a significant impact from the 20th century until now . I am perpetually inspired by the 1920’s-30’s aesthetic, and I enjoy mixing it with futuristic and sci-fi inspired concepts.




I scored this vintage denim jumper at this dope pop up market I used to sell my jewelry at called FamPop (shout out to my fam Redgi Woods for making that happen) It was hanging on the rack waiting for me. I tried it on at it fit like a glove; it was obviously fate and I had to have it.

I paired it w/ my gold Polyhedron Choker to occupy the open space exposing my ‘decolletage’ - this piece is inspired by sacred geometry, and science fiction, constructed in alignment w/ gravity and physics. The cris-crossing chains and bars create a poly geometric structure that mimics that of other worldly molecular structures like propynylidynium or C3H+ that apparently can not be found nor exist on earth. These types of discoveries fascinate me and inspire my work and my style.



Those who follow me regularly know I love a good thigh high! It’s one of my favorite style moves from the 90’s that will live forever as far as I’m concerned! Paired w/ these unique boots I found scouring the interwebs, give a nod to anime and Japanese fashion forward style. If anyone knows the designer, hit my contact section with the details :)

 I love these boots, and get compliments on them all the time. I love how they merge vintage style elements from the late 19th and early 20th centuries with forward, modern updates. These allude to the future of footwear and fashion forward style. Some things from the past were done really well and we should hold on to them; other things that have yet to be created and fully fleshed out can be really inspiring. For me, vintage futurism is the wave.

Vintage Denim Jumper - NyLaurent

Polyhedron Choker - Prismatik by Inobe Nicole 

Earrings - Inobe’s personal vintage costume jewelry collection

Boots - Designer Unknown

Thigh Highs - H&M

PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Nikki RIch  - see more of her work here.

Make Up by Kesh Smith