The Victorian Era has been calling to me for a long time… more and more recently until this look poured out of me. Within that, I’ve always been drawn to equestrian attire and how it shows up both regal and sporty at the same time. One of the things I love most about the Victorian Era with respect to both fashion and architecture is the ornate simplicity in the designs. All the ruffles, pleats and ornate details, seemed to be juxtaposed against something sleek, streamlined and simple.

I also love their clever approach to layering jackets & coats with collared shirts & blouses underneath! Layering is one of my favorite styling techniques, especially since I love mixing components and creating odd compositions. They were also quite dramatic with the silhouettes they wore: big blouson shirts & blouses, high collars, endless ruffles & flounces, bishop & leg of mutton sleeves… there was a lot of fabric consumption to create these looks. Being a diva fashionista, I absolutely LOVE the drama expressed in this era, which inspires my design aesthetic and my personal style.


Clearly this look captures many of those elements. The Dramatic Bishop sleeve layered under the cropped velvet blazer is a clear nod to this era. The Amazon Belt from Ritual is one of my favorite accessories that I own. It cinches me in much like the corsets of the Victorian Era, but edgy and modern twist with the exposed center front zipper; nodding back to the corset with the quintessential lacing up the back.



The equestrian aesthetic of the Victorian era was really fly the way they draped sheer fabrics around their riding hats. Even though it was mostly for functional purposes(i.e. shielding their faces from the sun or debris from riding) it definitely added some flare and feminine essence to their costumes or “riding habits” as they called them. I wrapped some white tulle around this vintage pork-pie style hat, and added a vintage broach and a pheasant plum to capture the distinguished equestrian lady vibe.



No respectable Victorian lady would ever wear riding pants out on an expedition, at least not without a big billowing skirt and petticoat atop it. But its not 1848, so I can pull off these lace up leggings from True Religion ;) Instead of a high collar, I layered a gold chain mail choker with my Polyhedron choker to generate the same effect of drawing the eye up toward the face with ornate details around the neck.


Something about this look alludes to being regal, stately, and distinguished, yet edgy, sexy and powerful. All things I appreciate about being the woman that I am. I can feel the royal blood pumping through my veins and I almost can’t help but express that via my personal style. I don’t ride horses, but that doesn’t mean I can’t capture that same energy ;)

Bishop Sleeve Wrap Blouse - H&M

Velvet Crop Blazer - Charlotte Russe

Leggings - True Religion

Amazon Corset Belt - Ritual

Polyhedron Choker - Prismatik by Inobe Nicole 

Earrings - SHEIN

Boots - JustFab

Hat, Gloves, & Broach - Vintage

Concept Created and Styled by Inobe Nicole

Make Up by Inobe Nicole